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Sun and light reflection into the ice

  A little bit of a house turn up in the water and ice in the afternoon sun

Blue, white and love is in the air this very special day close the waterside

Now is the time for the light to come

Down for landing, wings out, foots ready.

When I was walking today this feather just came in the air. It was so easy, fast, free and beautiful. In dreams feather mean to travel or the ability to move more freely in life.

This lovely sunset over the houses and the water in Stockholm city.

Amazing morning when the sun puts the snowcrystals in the tree into gold. Someone is walking the dog

The process that turn water into Ice is just amazing. These three icicles is so full of life and color but soon they will melt into water again.

I love this amazing light early this morning. That moment when everything is calm, silent and you are just standing in the nature and could feel nothing but harmony.

Is pussel

Bilden är tagen utanför Waldemarsudde och snötäcket, isen och speglingarna i isen var riktigt vackert.

En tid att betrakta

Denna bild är tagen vid Djurgårdsbrunn tidigt en vintermorgon. Kvinnan som cyklar stannar för att beskåda den fina utsikten